Friday, December 19, 2008

TOP TEN PHOTOS: Most Viewed of 2008

TOP TEN PHOTOS: Most Viewed of 2008
National Geographic

Lizard-Snake Deadlock Steals the Show
An aptly named winner of the 2008 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, "Deadlock" was captured in the dead of night in a Belizean rain forest.

"Uncontacted" Tribe Seen in Amazon
Shown in National Geographic News's tenth most viewed individual photo of 2008, members of an "uncontacted" Amazon tribe fire arrows at an airplane above the rain forest borderlands of Peru and Brazil in May. The natural dyes covering their bodies probably signal aggression, native-rights experts say.

"Snowstorm Leopard" Is Big Winner
Stalking India's Hemis National Park, an extremely rare snow leopard lives up to its name in U.S. photographer Steve Winter's award-winning National Geographic magazine image.

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