Thursday, June 11, 2009

Giant Swallowtail

The giant swallowtail, Papilio cresphontes Cramer, is a striking, wonderfully "exotic"-looking butterfly that is very abundant in Florida. The adult butterfly is a welcome visitor to butterfly gardens and to general landscape plantings. The larval or caterpillar stage can be considered a pest because of its habit of feeding on the foliage of most Citrus species. A few "orangedogs", as the larvae are commonly called, can quickly defoliate small or young plants. However, larvae can be tolerated on large dooryard citrus trees in order to enjoy the soon-to-develop magnificent adult butterfly stage.(read more)

Photos by Juan C Aguero (juanKa)
Fisheating Creek Wildlife Management Area


Ken Conger Photography said...

Great shots of a very colorful butterfly. Blue Skies.

Andor Marton said...

Beautiful butterfly shots and very colorful. Nice work.