Tuesday, August 11, 2009


(Invitation) Oikos

Zu Galeria Fine Arts is proud to present

Photographs by Juan Carlos Agüero

August 15, From 8pm to 11pm

Exhibit will run until September 6th.

Zu Galeria Fine Arts
...2248 SW 8th Street...Little Habana

Photo by Juan Carlos Agüero

Juan Carlos Agüero's photography is a very personal journey he has created. It is a way of life.
It is an avid photographer's path into the wilderness of the Everglades. While still an archeology
in Cuba in the late 80s, he developed an interest in nature photography. He now takes
once-in-a-lifetime trips every week to visually document the Everglades' exclusive beauty.

Juan Carlos Agüero's photographs have been published
in the calendar and the yearbook of the Florida Wildlife Federation
and in a collaborative project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Celebrate Urban Birds.

Photo Courtesy of Aurelio Miranda-Sousa

For more information about Juan Carlos Agüero's work,
please contact his public relations office at:

Joaquin Estrada-Montalvan

Partial proceeds from opening night sales will benefit the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.

Zu Galeria Fine Arts is Little Havana's boutique d'art.
We specialize in all original works of art by our roster of multi-talented artists.

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