Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sky Show Dec. 12: Biggest, Brightest Full Moon of 2008

If tonight's full moon appears larger and more luminous than usual, it's not because you're loony or due for a new pair of glasses. The moon, you see, orbits Earth in an ellipse with one end closer to Earth than the other; tonight's full moon corresponds closely with the orbit's perigee, the closer end of that ellipse. (The more distant end of the ellipse is known as apogee.) What's more, tonight's perigee will bring the moon and Earth closer together than they have been at full moon since 1993, according to the Washington Post.(read more)

Photos by Juan Aguero (juanKa)
Camera Canon 40D, Lens Canon 300mm L IS+ Tripod


Lisetg said...

Preciosas fotos. un amigo me llamo para decirmelo, pero alla abajo ustedes la pudieron ver, nosotros aqui arriba no, estaba entrando un frente frio y la noche estaba muy nublada: nada de luna, que pena.


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