Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bird-lovers gawk at eagle nest in Pembroke Pines

By Eileen Soler
Special to the Miami Herald

On the south side of Pines Boulevard, about a half-mile east of U.S. 27 in Pembroke Pines, a group of bird-watchers, animal lovers and curious gawkers gather every day with binoculars and cameras.

They set their sights up high on a four-foot-wide nest bustling with eagle activity that is considered a blessing and a rarity.

One watcher said it makes her proud to be an American.

Inside the nest is the first parental pair of American bald eagles in Broward County since 1972.

The mother eagle spends most of her day feeding and pruning her two fuzzy-feathered eaglets, about five weeks young, while her mate keeps a proud watch perched nearby in a lean forest of skeletal melaleuca trees.(read more)

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