Friday, March 20, 2009

The State of the Birds (Very important)

Birds are a priceless part of America’s heritage. They are beautiful, they are economically important—and they reflect the health of our environment. This State of the Birds report reveals troubling declines of bird populations during the past 40 years—a warning signal of the failing health of our ecosystems. At the same time, we see heartening evidence that strategic land management and conservation action can reverse declines of birds. This report calls attention to the collective efforts needed to protect nature’s resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.(read more) and (watch video)

The State of the Birds
United States of America
(full report pdf)


Ken Conger Photography said...

Great post and something everyone needs to read. Blue Skies.

Sofia said...

Bueno Juanka!Gracias por esto post, es muy important.*