Wednesday, April 1, 2009

President Obama Signs Omnibus Public Lands Management Act

This legislation will put into law the 26-million acre National Landscape Conservation System within the Bureau of Land Management. It will add 2 million acres of new wilderness across the country. It will preserve 1,000 new miles of wild and scenic rivers. And it will better protect some of America’s most special places - from Oregon’s Mount Hood to the dinosaur tracks of New Mexico to Virginia’s wild forests.

This bill is a Herculean first step in President Obama’s agenda for our open lands.(read more)

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Chris said...


Thanks for sharing the good word about the omnibus bill and the National Landscape Conservation System. I've posted a link to your post on the Web site of the Conservation System Alliance at:

Let me know if we can ever be of help to you in providing information.

Chris Lancette
The Wilderness Society (Washington D.C.)