Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Brown Anole

The Brown Anole (also called Bahamian Anole in many pet stores) is a slender lizard reaching about 18 cm in length. This anole has the ability to change coloration to match its surroundings. They can change pigmentation from brown, light tan, rust, to black. Males and females differ somewhat in coloration: males have a dark stripe down their backs, females a light stripe. The mature males weigh about twice that of females. As in other anoles, the male has a brightly colored throat fan, called a dewlap, which is yellow or reddish-orange. They are territorial and the dewlap is used in territorial displays. Anoles have expanded toe pads that allow them to climb to smooth surfaces.(read more)

Photos by Juan C Aguero (juanKa)
Gumbo Limbo Trail, Everglades National Park

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Lisetg said...

wow, yo creo que nunca habia visto con tanto detalle el pannuelo de una lagartija! lindas fotos.