Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exploring Loop Road

...Continuing the journey westward takes you to the settlement of Pinecrest. Most of the Loop Road lore seems to emanate from this particular location: several older frame houses and collections of well-aged trailers. The old rusted pumps of the Pinecrest Service Station are seen along the roadway off road - somewhere - are the remnants of Capone's old place and the notorious Gator Hook Lodge, as well as other spicy artifacts. While Pinecrest presents as a vestige of its former self - a bustling boom town replete with hunters and fishermen, poachers, gangsters, prostitutes, loggers and tough old pioneers - the area now appears to be a collection of private properties where trespassing is reportedly frowned upon. If you are interested in the history of this early settlement, looking at some old steps and broken concrete hulks, you may find someone knowledgeable here.(read more)

Liguus -Pinecrest Camping

Tree Snails and Brown Anole- Mitchell's Landing

Liguus- Tree Snail Hammmock Trail

Inside - Sweetwater Strand

Gator Hook Trail

Photos by Juan C Aguero
Loop Road, Fl


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

You have some great shots here Juan and he most fantastic snails. I love the colors in them.

Tombazana said...

Viajo e muito por estas belas fotos. Mais uma vez, os meus Parabéns1


Ken Conger Photography said...

Always enjoy your macros. Interesting snail shots. Blue Skies.