Friday, October 24, 2008

Vehicle strikes, kills panther in Everglades National Park (The News from Everglades)

Vehicle strikes, kills panther in Everglades National Park • September 30, 2008

A two- to three-month-old female panther was struck by a vehicle and killed in Everglades National Park on Monday night.

The incident occurred at 10:15 just before the park’s entrance station, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The body was collected by a Park Service ranger and transferred to the Naples FWC office late this afternoon. It will remain until a necrospy can be preformed.

The person who hit the panther noticed the mother standing by, but didn’t see any other kittens. The kitten who was killed did not have a kinked tail or cowlick.

This is the 15th panther death this year, six of which have been killed on the roadways, FWC reported.


Lisetg said...

oh, breaks my heart!
15? eso es demasiado, deberian hacer algo.

Ernesto G. said...

que muere
antes de ser
Pantera que
a ninguna
al olvido
de los que
la naturaleza

juanKa said...

Si, pienso también que son demasiadas panteras muertas por automóviles y las autoridades deben de tomar acción al respecto, pues muchas personas sienten una gran sensación de libertad cuando manejan dentro de los parques, lo que se traduce en mas velocidad para el auto que conducen.

juanKa said...

Gracias Ernesto por adornar de forma tan original esta noticia.